Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Big July 3rd Fire of 2011

Well, 4th of July came a day early this year & I ended up evacuating my rabbitry. I nearly lost 3 Satin Angoras, including 1 pregnant doe to the heat of the fire while evacuating. Don't worry the doe kindled w/ no problems on the 10th delivering 12 babies (a new record for Satin Angoras in my barn). It came within a few hundred feet of our back fence & the barns. It took out the old pig farm just 6 places down from us, destroying both houses & most of the barns on that old property. The pic below is just west of my chicken barn, the rabbit barn is about 30 feet away.
 Another view from the Chicken barn, even more to the west towards the old Pig Farm.
We had to call the fire dept. at least 2-3 more times over the next 4-5 days after the initial fire to get hot spots out. This fire, if it would of got the big hay barn behind our place, we would of had no house or barns or any town left easily.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Upcoming Juniors

My Chestnut Agouti doe Siam-Pals' Bridget Jones
out of GC Aundi's Red (Red - 4 legs) x Daisy Hill's Chesterfield (Chestnut Agouti - 1 leg)
She is a very promising doe w/ great shoulders & type on her, plus good sheen & wool for a junior. This was taken a few weeks ago & she has since got huge.
This is my Lilac Jr. doe Siam-Pals' Violet Crumble
out of Irish Rose's Cadbury (Choc. - 2 Legs) x Aundi's Hershey Bar (Choc. - 2 Legs) & is the granddaughter (mom's sire) of Jailbird's Lou (REW), the 2009 ARBA Convention Open BOB winner. This was taken when she was 1 week old, she's now 5-6 weeks old. She like her brothers carry a candy related named. I call it my candy merger litter. Lilac Satin Angoras are a rarity in litters or on the show table even. I plan to keep her & show, plus use her for my dilute program & breed her to my Lilac Chinchilla buck Siam-Pals' Mr. Darcy (Bridget's littermate/brother). I will post more up to date pics of my Jrs. soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Satin Angora Litter & More To Come......

Today, my GC Satin Angora doe Red had a litter of 10 (2 died) with Chesterfield (pictured) above. This is his 1st sire litter & he has 1 Leg so far. As of right now, the other doe he bred, my GC doe Hope is putting her nest together & trying to get ready to kindle. I also am awaiting on my doe Anne Shirley to kindle. She's bred to Hershey Bar. I also have my Creme D'Argent doe due as well.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chicks & Bunnies Event

Time has come again for the annual Chicks & Bunnies event at Olivieri Portrait Design  owned by my friend Annette Olivieri. It will be March 25th, 26th, & 27th at her studio at 140 Gage Blvd. #104 in Richland, WA. This is the 2nd year of rabbits featured in the event will come from my rabbitry. For more information, contact Annette at 509-628-1511 to reserve your session. Spots are filling up fast. Her website is: