Thursday, June 2, 2011

Upcoming Juniors

My Chestnut Agouti doe Siam-Pals' Bridget Jones
out of GC Aundi's Red (Red - 4 legs) x Daisy Hill's Chesterfield (Chestnut Agouti - 1 leg)
She is a very promising doe w/ great shoulders & type on her, plus good sheen & wool for a junior. This was taken a few weeks ago & she has since got huge.
This is my Lilac Jr. doe Siam-Pals' Violet Crumble
out of Irish Rose's Cadbury (Choc. - 2 Legs) x Aundi's Hershey Bar (Choc. - 2 Legs) & is the granddaughter (mom's sire) of Jailbird's Lou (REW), the 2009 ARBA Convention Open BOB winner. This was taken when she was 1 week old, she's now 5-6 weeks old. She like her brothers carry a candy related named. I call it my candy merger litter. Lilac Satin Angoras are a rarity in litters or on the show table even. I plan to keep her & show, plus use her for my dilute program & breed her to my Lilac Chinchilla buck Siam-Pals' Mr. Darcy (Bridget's littermate/brother). I will post more up to date pics of my Jrs. soon.

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